Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Growing Passion

So for my first post, I decided to give the reader a little background into my life. "Little Missy Moodle from the town of Boodle, an egg she wanted to buy. One day a cockadoodle, layed an egg of noodle, and used it to make creme pie." This was a little chant that my mother used to sing to me when I was a little girl. She's always called me her little Missy Moodle. You have to understand, my mom has a pet name for everyone she loves.
I am currently applying to the Culinary Institute of America and of course, I have to write an essay. I always get essays that ask me questions like, "Who has been the most inspiring person in your life?" That question is just simply unfair. There have been many people throughout my life that have given me some kind of inspiration. My mother, my step-father, my grandmother, my grandfather, my best friend Steffani, and my boyfriend Daniel. There are so many more people, but this post shouldn't be too long, right? So I've been pondering who I should write about in my essay. Looking back on my childhood, I never really stood on a stool with my grandmother and helped her make cakes and pies. I never really did that with my mother either. But then I remembered the little chant that my mother used to sing to me on a daily basis. It just all of a sudden popped into my head, and that was when I decided that my cupcakery, (a growing dream of mine), would be named Missy Moodle Cupcakes. I told my mom about this little epiphany and she has stood by my side on this three year journey. She has bought me many decorating and baking supplies, and helped when my seven minute icing just wouldn't cooperate. Therefore dedicating my passion to cupcakes could go to no one other than my loving mother. I am planning on making raspberry vodka cupcakes either tonight or tomorrow morning so keep reading and I'll post some pictures along with the recipe. Tootles!


  1. OMG, raspberry vodka cupcakes!!! I SO wish I was there!

  2. This is precious! You'll have to make cupcakes in our house ALL the time!