Sunday, January 30, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forver

Hello everyone!

I am deeply sorry for not blogging at a sooner time, but like I've said before, College has taken over my life. I am a second semester junior now and can not wait for summer to come :) I hope all of my readers have been well and healthy. I have been happy and concentrated so y'all do not worry that I have fallen off the edge of the Earth, I haven't.

Anyways, for one of my classes(that is 3 hours long), each student takes turns bringing snacks. Well it was my turn last week and I made delicious strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream. Now, I do have to admit that some of this, especially when choclate is envolved, I do not eat my own cupcakes. This time, I got to class and realized I had not eaten all day and my cupcakes were getting scarfed by the class, so I grabbed one. It was such a beautifully rich and delectable dessert! It was light and fluffy and the buttercream had the perfect hint of strawberry. Actually, no hint at all, it was positively strawberry. Everyone in the class (including my teacher, and a guest speaker), LOVED them! It always makes my day when I get compliments and they all thought the edible glitter was fantastic, which I know it is, (I put it on everything). Tell me what you think, aren't they Go-geous? (In a Texan accent)